Fireproof Siding
Imported from Japan and launched to the market synchronously with Japan. A revolutionary product of building material and a new favorite of fireproof purpose.

Product Characteristics
  • Easy and efficient installation by use of cotter and invisible fits. Installed either horizontally or vertically.
  • Moderate board width, excellent board leveling shape. Collocated with various side finishing, a sense of unity and beauty is demonstrated to speak the upgraded value of quality of prepainted steel products.
  • Suitable for new buildings or re-built construction, such as residences, offices, factories. Only light-weighted steel support is required.
  • Suitable for the use of fireproof partition of public buildings, such as offices, hospitals and electronic factories, etc.

  • ASE Material Office

    Fireproof Sidings GF-105

    Great performance, good appearance and superiority.

    Fireproof property:The structure is certified for fireproof and refractory. The sidings with superior fireproof function can protect the building from the fire.

  • Ministry of Construction in Japan granted:
  • Wind pressure resistance:The siding panels can sustain the certain wind pressure.

    Furthermore, no need to worry that the panels will peel off during the earthquake.

    Power saving:The construction method of Inside installation can be used as the construction site is located in the highly concentrated place.

    Water Penetration:It can show the excellent function in water resistance by using the separate inserted profile and waterproof PACKING.

    No need to worry the leaking problem due to it is at the same rank of water resistance as Aluminum window.


    Fireproof single structure with the available width, 228 mm, is economical.

    The Ministry of Construction in Japan Use refractory gypsum board as fireproof base in order to prevent fire extension.
  • Minister of Construction in Japan designated:
  • ■The compound material, which integrated the refractory gypsum board and prepainted steel sheet doesn’t need another gypsum board for substructure while it is used on non-flammable (steel frame) structure.

    ■There are no gaps in the joint so it has excellence in heat insulation and sound insulation.


    SGL PG300 / SGL PG450 Fireproof Sidings

    This product is made of the senior prepainted alloy-coated steel sheet with the unique technology from Yodogawa in Japan.

    Yodoko’s quality siding panels have several excellent characteristics such as fireproof, airtight and wind pressure resistance.

    Fireproof function:Ministry of the Interior in Taiwan, R.O.C. approved 60 min. fire resistance. for PG-300SGL / PG-450SGL.

    Effective width:300 mm / 450 mm。

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